14 Step Roofing Process

Finding out that your roof needs to be replaced or repaired can be troubling for many homeowners. Dealing with insurance claims, talking to adjusters, and making sure you get reimbursed for all covered damages is a truly draining process. Many homeowners are simply unsure about how to file a claim, where and why the process can be problematic, what types of documentation they need, and what to expect overall.

Before you call your insurance provider, have Restore Atlas Roofing do a professional roof inspection. This is critical for a number of reasons:

  • We may find that you do not have extensive enough damage to warrant filing an insurance claim.
  • If your damage does not exceed your deductible, it is best to know this prior to filing a claim, allowing you to avoid unnecessary premium increases on your policy.
  • If our inspectors conclude that you should proceed with filing a claim, we will provide a clear analysis of the state of your roof. Having this information is imperative for advocating for yourself as we communicate with the insurance company.

If Restore Atlas’ roofing inspection determines that you do have enough damage to substantiate an insurance claim, it is time to do so.

Once the claim is filed, a contingency agreement is signed. This indicates your intent to work with Restore Atlas Roofing providing that a claim is successfully acquired via your insurance carrier.

Your insurance company will assign an insurance adjuster, whose job is to inspect your roof, as well as any other damage to your property. Your Restore Atlas inspection cannot cover this portion of the process, as the insurance company must also acquire an inspection report for their records. That being said, it is advantageous to have Restore Atlas Roofing present for this inspection, as it can help expedite the process.

Most insurance carriers will issue damages in at least two payments. The first payment will be the actual cash value of the loss. The second payment, if necessary, will cover replacement costs.

Why are there two payments?

Carriers only pay replacement costs (the second payment) if a replacement occurs.

If you have a mortgage on your home, you will need to reach out to your mortgage company and send them a check to have it endorsed. It is critical that this is done as soon as possible after the check is issued by the insurance company, helping you ensure that the process is moving along speedily.

Restore Atlas’ Roofing Supplement department will ensure that all project specs are accounted for and accurate. This is vital, as it ensures that your roof repair or replacement is fully covered. Restore Atlas Roofing will discuss the damages directly with your insurer on your behalf, to make sure every aspect of the damage has been addressed.

Insurance companies pay for “like for like” replacements. For example, if Builders Grade 3 Tab Shingles are installed, the payment issued will cover the same shingles. Now is the perfect time to discuss either free or discounted upgrade options for the following:

  • Shingle upgrades
  • Roof ventilation systems
  • Solar upgrades
  • Gutters
  • Siding

If upgrades are selected and approved, a change order estimate will be created for you to sign.

At this time, you will pay the following to Restore Atlas Roofing:

  • The first payment from your insurance company
  • Your deductible
  • 50% of all agreed upon upgrades (if applicable)

These may be paid with a check, cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.

Once payment is received, Restore Atlas Roofing will begin construction. All materials will be delivered to your home, and a superintendent will be assigned to the project. The construction goes as follows:

  • Before and after photos are taken for insurance documentation
  • Protection and site prep is conducted
  • Roof demolition is conducted
  • Sheathing inspection is conducted
  • Roof system and all applicable upgrades are installed
  • Final cleanup is conducted
  • A final 5 star homeowner walkthrough is conducted

Once the supplement and construction process is complete, you will receive your second and final payment, along with your final project scope, from your insurance carrier. This is the depreciation amount that was being withheld until the work has been completed, as the carrier only pays for replacement once the replacement occurs.

Upon project completion and once the second payment has been received, the following will be remitted to Restore Atlas Roofing:

  • The second payment from your insurance company
  • 50% of agreed upon upgrades (if applicable)

Once everything is complete, it’s time to close the job with Restore Atlas Roofing and receive your final warranty paperwork.

Reviews from satisfied customers allow Restore Atlas to continue providing 5 star services on every project we take on. Please leave us a review and let us know if we lived up to your expectations, as well as our 5 star reputation.

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Restore Atlas Roofing has decades of experience working with insurance claims and providers. We work directly with your adjuster to pinpoint the damage to your home, and come up with a plan to fix it as quickly as possible. Our thorough and expert inspection will include your full roofing system as well as siding, gutters, windows, and personal property. If there is damage to any of these areas in addition to the roof, we want to make sure they all get repaired at once and by a reputable company that you can trust to do the job right.

At Restore Atlas Roofing we understand that filing a homeowners’ claim can be an overwhelming process. To help make it easier your Project Manager will walk you through every step while making sure that you are well informed throughout. If you are in need of roofing, siding or gutter work, please contact us today and set up an appointment.